Makita LS0714 Review – 7 1/2″ Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Makita LS0714 Big

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Our Rating: 9.3/10
Type: Sliding Compound Miter Saw
Blade: 7-1/2"
RPM: 6000

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If you are looking for a saw that has a more compact design, weighs less and has great portability, the Makita LS0714 ( link) is the way to go. This 10 Amp sliding miter saw fuses together accuracy, performance and power to give you a smooth finish on all your carpentry, flooring, molding and trimming tasks.

Knowing Makita to be a reputable manufacturer in industrial-quality power tools, I set out to find if the LS0714 was all that it has been made to be. Let’s just say I was more than impressed.

In the box I found:

  • One Makita LS0714 7-1/2-Inch slide component miter saw.

  • A 7-1/2 inch C.T. blade

  • Vertical vise.

  • A wrench

  • A triangular ruler

  • A dust bag and two extension wings.

Like a child on Christmas day, I quickly put everything together (using the manual of course) and decided to test it out on some rugged piece of lumber that I had lying around my yard. Needless to say, I was impressed with the results.

10 Amp motor

What really impressed me the most about this saw was its sheer strength. The LS0714 is a very powerful saw. It has a 10 Amp direct drive motor which thrashes out an incredible 6000 rpm’s. Its compact design does not allow it to slip or bog down like most belt-drive units. Moreover, it has an electronic speed control which will maintain constant speed under load. If that’s not enough, the LS0714 comes complete with the innovative soft-start technology which delivers a more guarded operation.

Guaranteed smooth and accurate cuts with four steel rails

The LS0714 has been designed with four steel rails and four linear ball bearings for smooth and accurate cuts. Its aluminum base which has a large stock allows it to provide adequate cutting for any application.

The LS0714 has a large miter capacity from 0 to 47 on the left and 0 to 57 degrees right with nine positive miter stops at 15, 22.5, 30 and 45 degrees on either direction. It can also perform 90 degree cuts.

Unique versatility

If there is something that I really like about the Makita LS0714, it has got to be its versatility. This saw can be used by persons of all trades form carpenters, re-modelers, finishers, general contractors, floor installers and DIY’ers like me.

Of course, price point is a major factor whenever you are thinking about buying anything and though the Makita LS 0714 does not come cheap, it is affordable. This machine will set you back a few hundred but the price compares insignificantly to how it performs.

Okay, so doesn’t this tool have any flaws? Yes, the two drawbacks that stood out for me were the uncommon size of the blade which can make it very difficult to replace should the need arise and the need for a larger rubber dust shroud for better dust collection when undertaking large cuttings. Some customers have complained of the top slide of the saw binding, but personally, I have not encountered such a problem. Still others have said the slides are not smooth as the ones on other saws – to me, I think they are just fine.

Warranty and after-sales service

By buying a Makita tool, you are assured of a top quality product. It is good to know that every Makita tool is thoroughly tested and inspected before leaving the factory, however, should you not be pleased with your tool within 30 days of purchase, you can return it and Makita will give you a replacement or refund.

Additionally, each tool is warranted for one year from date of purchase. Again, should and problems with your tool arise, you can return it complete to any Makita factory or authorized service center. More information concerning this Makita warranties can be found on their website


My final thought on the LS0714 is that it is a truly remarkable saw. It is extremely portable, durable, offers accuracy, performance and strength unlike any other saw. It is worth experiencing for yourself to see just what it can do for you. Check out the Makita LS0714 price at

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