Bosch 4310 Review – 10″ Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

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Our Rating: 9.1/10
Type: Dual Bevel Sliding Miter Saw
Blade: 10"
RPM: 4800

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Several of the same features and specifications of the Bosch 4410 are included in the new 4310 ten-inch dual bevel sliding miter saw, and the new version builds on the success of its award-winning precursor. One of the great things about the 4310 is that it employs Bosch’s patented Up-Front Controls for greater comfort and control. It also gives users the adjustability they need to tackle almost any application, and it delivers plenty of power.


With bevel and miter stops for cutting crown molding, a miter range of 60 degrees right to 52 degrees left, table extensions that add 7½ inches of support on each side, dual-position safety-switch trigger, and a tall, adjustable fence with cast-aluminum etched scales for quick reference, the Bosch 4310 has a lot of advantages. The all-metal front-mounted bevel lock lever and range selector is among this saw’s best features since it enables the saw to access the bezel settings easily in order to ensure that you make only accurate and precise cuts. It also has a miter detent override, which allows you to hold the detent lever away from the table, giving you more control over the saw and ensuring that the material you’re working with comes out like you expect. On the downside, the scales have wide increment marks that are hard to read and set non-detent angles.

Blade and Motor

The blade is premium 60-tooth thin-kerf carbide-tipped that’s durable and ready for action. This blade is of excellent quality, and it smoothly and cleanly cuts all types of wood. The saw is equipped with electric brake technology, which stops the blade in seconds when switched on or off. This feature is useful when making repetitive cuts in quick succession: if it takes a long time to stop the blade then you will lose precious seconds. On the downside, the blade is very difficult to change, requiring almost four hands unless you fully dismantle the top cover, since you can’t lock it up out of the way.  The saw also comes with a 15-amp and 3 HP motor, which allows you to make powerful cuts quickly and easily. With this much power you can effortlessly handle even the toughest woodworks.


This saw comes with an unimpressive one-year limited warranty. If the saw cannot be repaired, you can return it and receive a discount coupon toward the purchase of any Bosch power tool. Even if the warranty expires, you still have the option of the RapidRepair service, which promises tool repair in five days or less (or it’s free). All repairs have a six-month warranty.


The Bosch 4310 10-inch dual bevel slide miter saw can produce flawless results, whether you’re working on a large or small project. This unit is such a good investment, you can leave your other tools behind and stick with just this one. So, if you want a professional-grade miter saw that will allow you to carry out any type of woodworking project, then this saw is the perfect choice for you. Go here to check’s price on this miter saw.

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