Craftsman SM1852RC Review – 7 1/4″ Compound Miter Saw

Craftsman 7-1/4 in. Miter Saw

Craftsman 7-1/4 in. Miter Saw

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Our Rating: 8/10
Type: Sliding Compound Miter Saw
Blade: 7-1/4"
RPM: 5000


  • The laser, which is great value for a saw this cheap.
  • The weight – only 16lb makes this a truly portable miter saw
  • Quick release knobs on the fence (holds wood in place well, no vice like parts)
  • 7” ruler on base


  • Laser needs 2x AAA batteries and doesn’t run off power
  • Doesn’t hold bevel angles when switching sides as well as a more expensive saw
  • Laser beam is a bit wider than more expensive saws


You can rarely get a three course meal at a quality restaurant for the money required to buy this miter saw… How does that work? Anyway, I thought I’d take the time to review this Craftsman Miter Saw and let you know what I thought about it.

After it came on overnight shipping, I opened the package and started assembling it, which was pretty easy with the blade wrench they include and just a couple of screwdrivers and an adjustable wrench. I made sure it was set up to exactly square by following instructions, doing a few test cuts – and then I built my deck… Over the next few few months.

Overview and Specs of The Craftsman

My first thoughts were that the blade is quite small – in fact some circular saws have bigger blades than this saw. However I wasn’t exactly doing commercial grade work, so it suited me perfectly. A smaller blade helps to make more precise cuts and has a tighter feel. You don’t get any excess wobble with the small blade, which helps for doing tricky cuts.

The 5,000 RPM (no load) is more than plenty to saw through a good selection of hardwoods and treated timbers, however the standard blade is not worth much. If I was to give you some advice; throw the standard blade into a cupboard as a spare and get a good quality one.

Bonus reading: customer reviews of the Craftsman on

The saw miters to the left and right which is a great feature, and bevels to one side. The cross cut and miter cutting capacity sits at between 2×6” & 2×8”, so if you are thinking you’ll be cutting house piles with this, it’d take a lot of rotating!

My thoughts are that the saw is perfect for guys like myself who just want to thump out D.I.Y projects around the house, use it for building furniture or for the odd full day of work here and there. I’ve also been known to cut firewood with mine, although that is not recommended.

Accuracy and Laser Trac System

The laser system on the Craftsman Miter Saw is a great addition. Although it takes extra batteries to use, it makes cutting a lot easier. The Craftsman however is not as accurate with bevel cuts when you switch from one side to the other. To make up for this, I spent more time adjusting the laser, tightened up all the bolts every week or so and did a bit of readjustment.

This saw won’t hold bevel angles when switching as well as a more expensive saw will, but it will make you a better machine operator. You’ll learn how to set up a saw well, and keep it maintained, which will help you become a great woodworker.

Craftsman Tools Warranty

Craftsman give all of their tools a one year warranty for free repair, and full replacement if repair isn’t viable. If however you use the saw commercially or lease it out, the warranty will most likely drop to only 90 days. In my opinion this is still a very powerful warranty from a good company, who wants to ensure their customers stay satisfied.

What Do Other Users Think Of The Craftsman Miter Saw?

There are plenty of carpenters, joiners and D.I.Y guys who have tried out the 7 1/4” Miter Saw from Craftsman, and we all know that these guys are a vocal bunch.

A lot of contractors who have purchased this saw leave it for small jobs where only one tradesman goes out to the job site. It’s lightweight mass means it’s quick and easy to transport, and it is easy to set up anywhere by one man.

The laser gets good reviews, but make sure you buy some high quality batteries for it so that it doesn’t run out in the middle of a job.

Some users have said that the laser beam is a little bit too thick, however I’ve found that this just means you have to decide which side of the laser you want to cut on (if you are doing cuts where 0.5-1mm makes a big difference), and set up the machine appropriately.

Best Uses For This Miter Saw?

A Craftsman miter saw would be perfect for a hobbyist, a weekend carpenter or somebody who enjoys building small projects. This wouldn’t be a saw for contractors to use as their main rig. Although it could be used to make money with, it’d be a saw where you just use it on a light project such as residential internal/cosmetic work. Take a look at’s price on the Craftsman 7-1/4 in. Miter Saw if you’re interested

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