DeWalt DW716 Review – 12″ Dual Bevel Compound Miter Saw

DeWalt DW716 BIG

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Our Rating: 9.2/10
Type: Dual Bevel Compound Miter Saw
Blade: 12"
RPM: 3600

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Like many other homeowners and professional reviewers, I give the DeWalt DW716 ( link) 15-amp 12-inch double bevel compound miter saw high marks because it’s smooth, precise, well-built and very user-friendly. It also stands out among 12-inch compound miter saws due to its capacity: its back fence design enables it to crosscut a 2×10 piece of lumber at 90 degrees and a 2×8 at 45 degrees in one pass. The saw’s vertical capacity is also very good: the high sliding fences allow you to use it for baseboard up to 6½ inches and nested crown molding as high as 6 5/8 inches.

Features & Reliability

This compound miter saw is equipped for a variety of crosscutting and miter-cutting uses, as a result of its heavy-duty 15-amp motor (which delivers no-load speed of 3600 rpm), useful miter and bevel stops, a cam-lock-miter handle with detent override that’s easy-to-adjust (to deliver fast, precise miter angles), and a high fence for larger ornamental moldings. It also has a durable 12-inch carbide blade, blade wrench, and dust bag. In addition, the DW716 has a modifiable stainless steel miter detent plate with eleven positive stops, which improves cutting precision and increases output.

This might seem like a small thing, but the fact that the handle is horizontal rather than vertical gives it a much more natural feel. Vertical handles can cause an awkward motion, and this leads to fatigue. In some cases a vertical handle can cause the saw to shift the bevel of the cut just a hair due to the jerky hand motion required.

The guard is easy to see through for lining up your cuts. In addition, there is a blade guard to protect your fingers and hands from the spinning blade.

The DW7187 DeWalt adjustable miter saw laser system complements the DeWalt DW716 by enabling you to see the cutting path better. The laser system is available at additional cost from De Walt service centers and from traditional and online home improvement stores. The saw is designed to cut 50 degrees miter left and right, and 48 degrees bevel left and right. There is an electric brake that enables you to swiftly stop the blade for improved safety.

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Crown molding, as you probably know, is not mounted flush against the wall. Where two sections of trim meet in a corner, each end must have both a bevel and miter angle cut. With a miter cut, the trim is shaped to fit against another piece of trim, for example at the corner of a window or door. For crown molding the trim usually has a 45-degree miter cut, with the actual cut being at 90 degrees to the saw table. With a bevel cut the actual cut also has an angle. With the DeWalt DW716, both cuts can be made at the same time.

Blade and Motor

The 12-inch carbide blade on the DeWalt DW716 is designed to make perfect cuts. No one wants a piece of trim with an angle that’s off, and this miter saw ensures that that will never happen. The blade is belt driven, which is a plus because it makes startup much smoother and there is very little vibration or noise. Because the blade is 12 inches in diameter, it makes the miter saw suitable for cutting through a wide range of framing lumber.

The 15-amp motor on this miter saw runs at 3600 rpms for extended durability and power, enabling users to make quick and easy miter cuts and crosscuts for a wide range of jobs. Cutting deck posts is like slicing through butter.


The only drawback of this DeWalt miter saw is its 3-year limited warranty. It also has a 90-day money back guarantee, and a free one-year service contract. This warranty does not cover part failure due to normal wear or tool abuse. The fact that the warranty is limited and for only three years is negligible compared to the benefits that it offers to its users, however. Besides, DeWalt is a name you can trust in the tool industry, and this product will stay efficient for years with correct usage and consistent maintenance.


This is a versatile miter saw that delivers great value for money. The DeWalt DW716 is a great buy all around, with the only drawback being the short limited warranty. Go here for current prices on this DeWalt if you’re thinking of buying it.

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