Bosch CM12 Review – 12″ Dual Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Bosch CM12 Miter Saw

Bosch CM12 Miter Saw

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Our Rating: 8.8/10
Type: Compound Miter Saw
Blade: 12"
RPM: 4300


  • This saw is incredibly accurate. It doesn’t have a laser for one reason – you don’t need one.
  • Carry handle – this makes the saw easy to transport between jobs
  • Decent size fence
  • Fantastic price for the quality of saw


  • Single bevel – this means you just have to turn the wood around to do an opposite bevel.


As an avid builder and hobbyist woodworker, I love my tools. I had been procrastinating on buying a miter saw for a while though as one of my friends told me it costs over $1,000 for a good one, but then the Bosch came up in my hunt.

It had everything I wanted; a good name, a big blade and plenty of power, so I decided to buy it and see how it went. I’m not a name brand sort of guy – I don’t play favorites. However I do like good strong tools, and normally the good brands make good tools. Let me share with you my exact thoughts on this saw and how it has been in the time I’ve owned it.

What Does The Bosch CM12 Come With?

Straight out of the box the CM12 ( link) came with the following:

  • one 12-inch, 40-tooth carbide tipped blade
  • one dust bag
  • one blade-change wrench.

This saw is extremely easy to adjust (which I do before I use any tools). It’s simply a lock nut to undo and then a screw to go either way. It is very quick and easy to adjust, and I’ve also noticed that it stays well calibrated. I used the 40 tooth saw that it comes with, however I also purchased an 80 tooth blade – and yes, the 80 tooth one cuts a lot nicer.

Overview & Specs of the Bosch CM12

At 43 lbs, this is a saw for some serious work sites. I have a lot of experience in the carpentry field, and this saw is built for hard work. The 12” blade is a monster that is able to cut whatever you throw at it, like it’s butter. The 15 amp motor ensures that you’ll never run out of power when sawing through a tough knot or a wet hardwood (the latter is not recommended though).

Reliability and Benefits of the Bosch

Bosch engineering always produces a quality finish, and this saw is no different. For a building site ready saw, this is incredibly well priced. This saw will stand up to plenty of punishment, weather, apprentices, rough vans and everything else that carpentry throws into the mix.

My miter saw has been an absolute pleasure to use. Once I set it up out of the box, I haven’t needed to touch it again. The bevel angles have stayed true and it cuts both miter and bevel angles perfectly. After I tried out a few different blades I discovered that an 80 tooth fine blade was the choice for me. This is probably because I’m extremely picky when it comes to getting the job done right.

The Bosch Warranty

Bosch has built a reputation for quality, and their one year warranty ensures that if you have any difficulties with your saw, they’ll be there to replace or repair your saw.

What Other Carpenters and D.I.Y Folks Are Saying About The Bosch CM12

The CM12 is a seriously hot selling piece of equipment, and the amount of contractors using this miter saw on job sites is testament to that. A lot of users say that they initially bought this saw as a backup, but have now realized that it will stand up to being used as a front line piece of equipment every day, for years on end.

The Bosch miter saw also has a dust collection bag that works well, so it always leaves jobs quite tidy. The electronic brake works just like you’d expect and leaves the saw safe and always ready to make cuts in quick successions.

Bosch CM12 Miter Saw Review – Summary

If you are wanting a high quality saw that will last for years and stand up to all conditions, the Bosch is a safe bet. Quality always costs a little more, but the Bosch sits at a price within most budgets. For a carpenter with years of experience or for the first time D.I.Y guy, this would make an equally good purchase. In fact if you are just starting out with D.I.Y projects, I’d recommend to buy a quality saw such as this one purely because your projects will turn out so well! Take a look at’s price on the Bosch CM12 Miter Saw if you’re interested.

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