Metabo KGS 305 Review – 12″ Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Metabo KGS 305

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Type: Dual Sliding Bevel
Blade: 12"
RPM: 3800
Motor: 15 amp


  • Very affordable
  • Extremely accurate
  • Good sized blade
  • Easy to follow instructions – easy to assemble
  • Good 80t carbide blade included
  • Huge cutting capacity


  • No laser included
  • Heavier than some competitors in price
  • No carry handle
  • Marginal sawdust extraction – some of these saws come with dust extraction, some don’t

If you are in the market for a saw that isn’t going to break your budget, but still delivers quality results, take a look at the Metabo KGS 305 ( link). It is a sliding compound miter saw with dual bevel functionality, and packs a 12” blade – big enough to slice up any project you can throw at it.

When my saw arrived from Amazon, I set it up using a couple of basic tools, and adjusted it according to the instructions – and instantly it was cutting beautiful, flush, square cuts. This saw is without a doubt one of the most accurate saws in this price range.

Specs Of The Metabo KGS 305

The Metabo comes packed with a huge amount of features considering the very affordable price. It sports an aluminium workbench, a turntable which is easy to adjust and a convenient transport lock which really helps out if you move around a bit. It weighs in at almost 30kg (66 lb), so it isn’t the lightest of saws, but it makes up for it in the stability and minimal vibrations.

Normally miter saws in this price range have particularly weak dust extraction, and the Metabo is sadly no exception. It is recommended that you use some sort of vacuum system if you are adverse to workshop saw dust. It also comes with a little tool to change the blade which is incredibly simple, even for somebody who has very little to no machine experience. The included blade is an 80 tooth carbide tipped blade, which is pretty decent for a standard feature.

Metabo Warranty

Metabo are putting their money where their mouth is with the KGS 350 miter saw. They have provided a 3 year warranty with this saw, which is extremely lucrative considering that many other competitors in this price bracket are offering 1 year guarantees.

The Metabo Motor Performance

With a no load RPM of 3,800 and around 2,800 RPM at rated load, you will have no trouble slicing and dicing all the material that you need – and you’ll get it done quickly. The 12” blade is driven by a 15 amp universal motor which throws more than enough power out. The motor is also a “slow start” motor, which you will really appreciate if you have used miter saws before. These saws are of German design, and it shows. The motor is powerful, yet small and quieter than a lot of other saws in this price range, and cuts like a hot knife through butter on even the biggest pieces of lumber.

Cross Cut and Accurate Cutting Capabilities

The Metabo is a huge cutter, and not just on the speed front. The size of cuts that the Metabo can handle maxes out at 12 1/2 inches wide, while cutting 4 3/4 inches high. This is some serious ability for a portable miter saw.

The Metabo is a seriously accurate piece of equipment straight out of the box, even though it doesn’t sport a laser. Most joiners and carpenters always drop the blade down first to ensure it is in the right place before a cut anyway, so a laser isn’t a necessity.

Included with the Metabo KGS 305 is a multi positioning clamp, which helps to improve accuracy. This enables you to clamp your work from the horizontal, as well as the vertical.

This miter saw also has a brilliant design that allows you to set your own stops if you frequently make cuts at certain angles, and the bevel angle is easily and quickly changed by a simple flick of a switch at the front of the rig. This saw offers a huge bang for your buck, and incorporates the accuracy and features of one of the big name brands, for about half the price.

Safety Features On The Metabo Miter Saw

The Metabo features a powerful blade brake that works like a charm, it has a good wide body to ensure stability and the important switches have a “lockout” feature on them to stop starts from bumping. This miter saw also runs the power cord down past the rail away from the blade to ensure that no accidental cord cutting happens on the job.

Who Would This Saw Suit?

The Metabo miter saw is a powerful, feature packed saw that would suit any serious D.I.Y guy, or a contractor. If you make your living from your craft, you will pay at least double the price of this saw to get something with a solid name brand on it, but this one is just as good. However if you want the laser guides, lightweight portability and a carry handle plus even more features – expect to pay a lot more. Make sure to check out’s price on this miter saw if you choose to purchase.

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