Bosch CM8S Miter Saw Review – Is This The Best 8-1/2″ Miter Saw?

Cut Quality: 3/5
Ease of Use: 4/5
Durability: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Overall Value: 4/5

Type: Sliding Single Bevel Compound
Right miter: 60°
Left miter: 52°
Blade size: 8-1/2″
Motor: 12 AMPs
RPMs: 5,600
Weight: 37 lbs

With the CM8S, Bosch has constructed a relatively small and portable miter saw that can give many larger miter saws a run for their money.  What this saw lacks in size, it makes up for with a powerful motor and exceptional usability.

For woodworkers looking for a lightweight, high-performance miter saw from a reputable brand—this saw is worth considering.

Our Bosch CM8S Review

Cut Quality

Just because this miter saw has a small blade does not mean it can’t perform well on big jobs.  With a 2.75” cutting thickness and a 12” cross cut capability, this saw will be a great addition to any joiner, cabinet maker or carpenter’s tool kit.  This saw would not be suitable for heavy foundation work such as cutting piles or large framing jobs—but that is not really the domain of a miter saw anyway.  The saw includes a dust collection bag, which although isn’t great, will get rid of a fair amount of the dust.  Miter saws are notorious for not being able to collect much of the excess dust due to their design, so if possible, cut outside or hook up to a vacuum system.

The brilliantly useable miter and bevel scales and detents are well positioned and useable, with marks from 52 degrees left to 60 degrees right at the most popular detent settings.  The scales are easy to quickly interpret, very intuitive to use, and large enough to read without having to get down too close.  The CMS packs a cross cut capability of 12-3/4”—which is the same size as larger 10” saws.  With smaller saws, sometimes the problem of stability is an issue.  However the CMS8 has a well engineered front foot that extends out to stabilise the miter saw and ensure accurate cuts.  Standing at only 17” high and 18” wide, this saw is a powerful tool, but without taking up valuable workshop space.

Ease of Use

For extra support when cutting material, Bosch have included the easily extendable, integrated base extensions.  These slide out to make the additional work space 29” long—a huge bonus for such a compact and transportable saw.

An ergonomic—and ambidextrous—trigger handle handle provides comfort for all day use.


Dragging a miter saw around from job to job all day doesn’t have to be difficult.  Even just lifting a heavy saw once can put you out of action, which is why the Bosch CM8S has become a favorite for fans of truly portable saws.  At only 37 pounds, you can’t get more portable than this little ripper.  With the powerful combination of a high RPM of 5,600, the 12 Amp motor and the 8 1/2” blade, you get a lightweight saw that can cut effortlessly.  Considering that you can easily transport it around the house or work site, you can see why people love it.


Bosch is a well known brand who has authorized service centers scattered across the United States, so servicing your machine shouldn’t be an issue.  They also offer a 1-Year Manufacturers Warranty that should prove proficient in protecting you against any issues you may have with the saw.

Included in the box:

  • 8-1/2 In. 40-Tooth Carbide-Tipped Blade
  • Blade Wrench
  • Dust Bag Assembly
  • Tool-less Work Piece Clamp

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Overall Value

The positive aspects of this saw definitely outweigh the negatives.  On the pros side you can look forward to an extremely light and surprisingly powerful saw that doesn’t take up much space at all.  It’s a perfect secondary or tertiary tool for busy contractors who need a versatile miter saw for small projects.

This saw is awesome, but it’s not without its cons.  On the downside, dissatisfied reviewers have reported a less than satisfactory cut quality as well as complaints about it being a single bevel.  However, this very well could be due to these reviewers not upgrading the stock blade and or not adjusting factory setting measurements (which is always a good idea on both fronts).  As far as the single bevel is concerned, a veteran woodworker would probably scoff at this remark as readily as they would at a poor rating due to the lack of a laser.

Our Verdict

A saw such as this is perfect for anybody who will be carting it around various jobs, moving around a lot, or working on different areas around your property.  Such a light saw with a quality handle is a real asset when it comes to transporting your gear.  Although this saw is not suitable for cutting large pieces of material, it still has an appetite for construction.  Note though, that a saw this size won’t be able to cut a 4×4” post in a single pass, the deepest that it will cut is 3”.  However cutting massive pieces of lumber is not why you’d be interested in a tool like this.  The CM8S is perfect for constructing small scale furniture and joinery projects and residential carpentry work.  If you are after a powerful saw, without the stress of wondering if lifting it will put your back out, this saw will suit you perfectly.

Please make sure to check out today’s price on the CM8S before you buy it.  Or compare it against the best saws on the market with our comparison chart.

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