Some Shop Tips

There are times in woodworking when you want to shut off your table or miter saw quickly, without letting go of your work, or without taking your eyes off the blade. Here is an interesting thing you can do to help achieve this goal:

Add a kick board to the power box of your saw. Then you should suspend the board on the hinge from a block of wood clamped around the power conduit, but the innovative woodworker can adapt this system to any saw. A hole in the board allows access to the On button, and the board rests on the Off button.

To turn off the saw, the operator need only kick out with his knee, and the board punches the protruding Off button. A metal guide near the bottom keeps the board in place, and the Off button provides enough sprint action to hold the board in proper position for easy kicking.

There is only one problem with this system: I constantly bang my knee on my jointer, which isn’t equipped with this kick cutoff 🙂

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