Makita LS1219L Review – Is This The Best 12″ Miter Saw?

Cut Quality: 4/5
Ease of Use: 4/5
Durability: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Overall Value: 4/5
Currently Unavailable on Amazon
(Last Updated 7/25/18)

Type: Sliding Dual-Bevel Compound
Right miter: 60°
Left miter: 60°
Right bevel: 48°
Left bevel: 48°
Blade size: 12″
Motor: 15 AMPs
RPMs: 3,200
Weight: 65 lbs

For decades, Makita has built and maintained a reputation for innovation.  Their industrial-quality power tools have been used by professionals and D.I.Y.-ers alike for a wide range of applications.  Although it has since been discontinued, the LS1219L was designed to provide powerful and precise cuts.  If a miter saw that offers simple-to-execute accuracy sounds appealing to you, continue reading this review.  Further down we suggest another Makita brand miter saw that is a comparable alternative, and who knows maybe you’ll stumble across a LS1219L at a garage sale one day.

Our Makita LS1219L Review

Cut Quality

This miter saw is a part of Makita’s DXT™ (Deep and Exact Cutting Technology) series.  Makita defines DXT™ as “a series of features that give Makita miter saws more cutting capacity and out-of-the-box accuracy for superior cutting performance”.  While this sounds quite impressive and may be quite impressive, it’s important to note that the “DXT™” moniker was most likely created by Makita’s marketing department.

The LS1219L comes ready to be put to work with a 60T carbide tipped stock blade.  As far as “out-of-the-box accuracy” goes, it depends on what you want to use it for.  As a chop saw, this miter saw is pretty much good to go right from the box.  For cuts that require more precision, some minor adjustments may need to be made.

Still, this miter saw offers a great cut capacity.  The direct-drive motor and blade guard system were both designed to allow for an increased vertical cut capacity.  It’s vertical baseboard cutting capacity is 6-3/4”, and it’s vertical crown molding cut capacity is 8″ (nested).  The LS1219L is also capable of an impressive 15” crosscut at 90 degrees.

Ease of Use

As a miter saw that was engineered to provide effortless accuracy, the LS1219L does a pretty good job.

Features such as the built-in laser, over-sized trigger, and ergonomic rubberized D-handle design lend themselves to usability.  And even though the blade that comes with this miter saw is exceptional for a stock blade, changing the blade is simple because of the design of the one-step blade change process.

Versatility adds to the this saw’s ease of use.  The LS1219L sports a miter range of 0° to 60° (left and right).  Making bevel adjustments is simple with the front facing bevel lock which facilitates bevel adjustments from 0° to 48° (left and right).  The saw also features positive stops at 0°, 15°, 22.5°, 31.6°, 45° and 60° (left or right).


The Makita LS1219L is driven by a powerful 15 AMP direct drive motor with soft start technology.  Soft start technology provides smooth and consistent cutting power from the moment the blade starts spinning.  Because the direct drive motor is belt-less, there is no risk of issues with the belt slipping, breaking, or needed to be replaced.  This miter saw was designed for longevity.  You can find more information about Makita’s warranties on their website.


As per usual, Makita offers buyers a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and a 1-Year Limited Warranty.  Makita stands by their products.  Because of a number of authorized service centers located all around the U.S. (and the world), getting your Makita miter saw serviced is easy.

Included in the box:

  • Dust Bag
  • Triangular Rule
  • Vertical Vise
  • 60T Micro-Polished Miter Saw Blade
  • Hex Wrench

Overall Value

Before getting into the reasons this is a great miter saw, remember that this miter saw is currently unavailable on Amazon.  If you like the specs, it might be worth your time to take a look at the Makita LS1019L.

Our Verdict

The LS1219L is for woodworkers looking for a powerful miter saw that is sturdy yet compact, accurate, and versatile.  This miter saw could be used for a range of applications from general construction to D.I.Y. projects.  If you’d like to see more, take a look at Amazon’s page for the Makita LS1219L.

If you like the specs of the LS1219L, it’s worth your time to read our review of the Makita LS1019L which is the 10″ version of this miter saw.  Or you can always compare it against the best saws on the market with our comparison chart.

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